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What is the FMCSA Clearinghouse?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration - FMCSA - is a secure online DOT database that provides employers, drivers, and other authorized users with real-time information on violations of the Alcohol and Drug Program for drivers who hold CDL licenses. and CLP.

The FMCSA entered into force on January 6, 2020. On this basis, transportation companies and drivers who have a CDL and CLP license must register and has several obligations for drivers and employers:


Obligations of drivers towards the Clearinghouse:


  • Drivers must provide consent to employers to post and view details about violations of the Alcohol and Drug Program.

  • Choose a SAP (drug abuse professional) if you have outstanding issues regarding violations of the Alcohol and Drug Program.

  • Review your information and initiate an information review process in the database.


If the driver does not make this registration and does not give his consent, he cannot drive and must be removed from his position.


Obligations of employers towards the Clearinghouse:


  • Report violations to the Alcohol and Drug Program by their drivers (positive drug and alcohol results; as well as refusals to perform the tests). You have 2 business days to make the report.

  • Make inquiries of drivers who are going to be hired to check that there are no  pending violations or proceedings.

  • Carry out at least 1 annual consultation for all drivers affiliated with the company.

  • Verify your information in the system. If you have the USDOT number, the system will take the information registered in their systems.

  • Designate your consortium or administrator of the Alcohol and Drug Program (this can perform all the actions described above).

  • Invite users from your company who will use the system on your behalf.

  • Choose and buy a consultation plan.

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